Smart Tech Sound

Smart Tech is our way of adding extra layers of functionality and play value to BRIO Toys. Integrated technology and ingenious design opens up a new kind of interaction between child and toy. Sound, light and action are combined to create cause-and-effect...
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My First Railway

Classic Railway

A true BRIO classic, our first wooden railway toy set was launched in 1958. Its simple, yet fun wooden tracks and trains have been enchanting children and adults alike ever since.


Trains, wagon and vehicles

Historic or modern – but always busy, busy, busy! BRIO has engines, trains, wagons and vehicles in different designs from all eras. Which vehicle will you be driving today? The BRIO toy train, motorcycle, cement truck, or ferry?


Tracks & roads

Is it time to take your rail play in a new direction? We have curved, ascending or straight tracks that can take your BRIO railway to a new level. Here, we’ve collected all the tracks & roads for all your railway needs.

Mickey & Friends

Mickey & Friends

Disney Princess

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