Be a Hero in the Rescue Theme

This is where the action is! In the Rescue theme, you can drive fast in sturdy rescue vehicles with light and sound effects, catch thieves, put out fires and be the hero of the day. The police and firefighters keep an eye on BRIO World, making it a safe place to be. The police station and fire station invite endless role-play and adventure.

Age 3 99 English Ages Anim 3 99 New


33812 Police Transport Set 1

Police Transport Set

Your police officer has to be careful when driving the gold transpo...

33815 Rescue Fire Fighter Set 1

Firefighter Set

There is a fire and they need your help! Drive immediately to the d...

33797 Firefighter Helicopter

Firefighter Helicopter

Fly over the city with your fire helicopter and make sure all is we...

33811 Emergency Fire Engine

Emergency Fire Engine

Be a firefighter today! Get in the fire truck that comes with a hos...

33828 Police Helicopter

Police Helicopter

Open the hood, hop in and circle over the city. You’re looking for...

33844 Rescue Firefighter Train

Rescue Firefighting Train

Push the button on the engine and release the wagon for quick emerg...

33813 Police Station Light Sound 1

Police Station

Welcome to the new police station, where it’s always busy. You can...

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