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Toys that trigger more than giggles

Times have changed, but the way kids learn and develop remains the same. That’s why our toys come with clean, simple designs that spark children’s creativity and imagination. All while encouraging and supporting each stage of their development.

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BRIO World is an open ended play system that inspires the creativity and the imagination.

BRIO World is a play system that grows with the child and where the child’s imagination fuels endless combinations. There is no right and wrong and what was built today can quickly be rebuilt tomorrow to fit the next story.

With an open ended play the child get encouraged to develop her capacity for coordination and concentration, planning and creativity but also her social and language skills. Through play, the child makes new discoveries about themselves and their environment. And the best - having fun at the same time!

All children are unique with their own interests. And we think that children should be able to play freely without limiting gender boundaries restricting them to what boys or girls are supposed to like.

This is an important part of our play philosophy and Swedish heritage, and also why BRIO World is open to every child, with a diverse, rich world where different interests can be nurtured through play.

Our BRIO World is Sibling safe. Small parts are defined by pieces that entirely fit inside a small part cylinder and are forbidden as toys for children younger than 3 years. Since safety always comes first for us, there are no small parts within our BRIO World system. So, even though we recommend the system for children from 3 years of age, our BRIO world is sibling safe and you can safely have younger siblings in the same play environment as your BRIO World builder.

In the BRIO World the child can relate to what she see and experience in her everyday life. It is equally important to understand the complexity of a real world with places where you work and live, as well as interacting with characters and vehicles since this develops her sense of safety and consideration to others.

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Everything is connected in BRIO World

In BRIO World there are no borders and no limitations – just endless possibilities. Be whoever you want to be, wherever you want in the BRIO World. Build, rebuild, invent and invite. All six themes within BRIO World are connected in a playful interactive system so that you can ride, drive, run or fly between them if you like. Welcome to the adventure!

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